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When a young person encounters Jesus, a lot of things in their life get into perspective

We encourage young people to love Jesus and embrace the life of the Church.

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This new era needs a new and dynamic way of evangelization, NET is here to give your young people Jesus in a relatable way.

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Do you feel the desire on your heart to be a witness of hope for young people across Uganda? Join us on team.

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Help us share the beauty of faith and the encounter with Jesus to the young people in Uganda. Your support will make a difference!

After encountering Jesus in a personal way through attending NET programs, young people are being transformed and are transforming their communities in a new way.

Meet Immaculate from Kenya: I’ve always been passionate about evangelizing to young people and it’s a desire on my heart and I wanted to know how. Attending NET training helped me get clarity of who I am, how I can serve and I feel competent and confident to serve others.…….