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When a young person encounters Jesus, a lot of things in their life get into perspective

We encourage young people to love Jesus and embrace the life of the Church.

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This new era needs a new and dynamic way of evangelization, NET is here to give your young people Jesus in a relatable way.

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Do you feel the desire on your heart to be a witness of hope for young people across Uganda? Join us on team.

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Help us share the beauty of faith and the encounter with Jesus to the young people in Uganda. Your support will make a difference!

After encountering Jesus in a personal way through attending NET programs, young and old people are being transformed and are transforming their communities in a new way. Come and experience the difference, follow this link to register

This training was for me, preparing some body, polishing like gold. As an old ma staying with young people, i thought it was going to be difficult but it wasn’t. Experiencing the small group was healing….. with the current challenges of the youths, NET is the starting point. In NET, youths are the leaders of today. I encourage young people, when this training comes, come and attend.