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Retreat time

Youth ministry can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start. By booking a NET team for a retreat, you can be a part of this mission to transform the lives of young people. Contact us today!

Re-engage your young people’s faith.
A retreat with a NET Team will give your youth an opportunity to hear about, respond to and live for Jesus Christ.

What it looks like

A NET Retreat led a team of our vibrant young adult missionaries can effectively offer your young people a simple, clear message of God’s love and a chance to experience the Gospel personally. We work with you to reach many youth in a short time and build momentum for your local youth ministry. Effective. Convenient. Flexible.

What Do Retreat Teams Do?

Backed a professional Staff Team and over 700 hours of Ministry Formation, educators can lean into the NET Team’s support to plant seeds of faith in their youth through the facilitation of retreats, classroom presentations and other opportunities for evangelization and discipleship.

We provide the opportunity for schools and parishes across Canada to have a fully packaged retreat run one of our retreat teams.

Teams offer retreats in multiple formats, from classroom presentations to full-day or more days retreats. The team would arrive at the designated retreat site and run the event from start to finish.

Over the course of 10 months one Retreat Team will:

>> Serve in roughly 5 different dioceses
>> Travel over 20,000km
>> Facilitate approximately 125 retreats
>> Share the Gospel with over 20,000 youths