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Do you feel inspired to witness your faith and share hope with young people?


1. Request an application form! Fill and send it in!

2. Have your NET interview.

3. Attend NET training.

If you have finished your studies, a diploma or a degree, we invite you to apply.

Consider this. Many of your peers, friends and siblings:

  • No longer go to church
  • Lack a sense of direction
  • Don’t share in your passion for your faith.
  • Lack good Catholic role models
  • Have lost or will lose their faith the time they leave high school



NET Uganda considers unmarried practicing Catholics between the ages of 18-35 for our program. Applicants must have turned 18 before the beginning of training for the mission year they are applying for.
You may send in your application as early as January 1st to apply for the following NET year. You may not apply two years in advance. This is because much can happen in a person’s life in one year and we need the most up-to-date information about our applicants as possible.
Yes. You need to be a baptized Catholic since we are representing the Church as we minister and also practice catholic values.
Yes! For any more questions, please contact the Recruiting Coordinator,. In addition, government restrictions regarding international travel will apply.


NET missionaries serve from November through to September. 11 months in general.
NET training is a training that transforms you personally from your personal encounter with Jesus, social skills and evangelisation skills. It's also a training that can help you discern your call to serve with NET. It gives you a broader view ti the Vision and mission of NET.
Yes. You can become a co-missionary supporting those who volunteer to be on team and the work the ministry does financially, Praying for the ministry, and support of another kind. Check out on Ministry Partnership with NET.

NET Life

NET team members invite youth to have an encounter with Christ. They will also receive 5-7 weeks of formation on faith, prayer, communication skills, Catholic teachings, and specialized ministry training before they are sent out to do ministry. They go through what we call Orientation.
NET team members must come to Masaka-Uganda at the beginning of November for orientation. NET teams are commissioned at Commissioning Mass at the beginning of December, then sent out to start their ministry work. NET team members ought to have a two-week break period in December for the Christmas break. The mission year ends with the Thanksgiving Mass (in September). For specific dates, please contact the Recruiting Coordinator.
No. All applicants who get accepted to become a NET missionary must be open to whatever ministry team that they will be assigned to on their NET mission year. The staff takes into consideration what type of team a team member would prefer, but through prayer and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each missionary they are able to build balanced and dynamic teams.
If a NET team member has an event to attend (e.g. weddings, funerals, etc.), they will be given permission to return home upon the approval of their Team Supervisor and the Executive Director. Some conditions do apply and NET team members should not expect that they will be given permission in all circumstances.

The Application Process

It’s super easy! Request an application here. It takes less than 3 minutes to fill out. Once you complete it, will be directed to our online NET Application which will contain a link to send your references.
Not a problem! Just send us an email at and we’ll help you!
After submitting your application form, an interview will be scheduled within a weeks time upon submission the scheduling coordinator and you will be informed.
Once your application and referral forms have been sent in to the Recruiting Team, your interview is done, you’ve done your part! The Recruiting Team will submit your file to be reviewed our reviewing staff. We’ll send you an email on that day and within two weeks of that email date, a final decision will have been made on your file. Due to circumstances outside of our control, the two-week waiting period may be longer than what we stated. We will keep all applicants updated on any delays to their file.

Concerned about the future of the Church and society? We too are. You can be a part of the solution becoming a NET missionary!

Asaba Gloria – Recruiting Coordinator