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Who we are!

What is NET?

NET (National Evangelization Teams) is a catholic peer to peer Youth ministry that puts into the church’s mission to evangelize and disciple young people.

OUR VISION is to see Empowered young people who are influential in the renewal of the Church and society.

Our Story

NET had its origin at the Catholic Youth Centre, in St Paul Minnesota, USA in 1981. In May of 1987 Shayne Bennett was sent the Emmanuel Community to ascertain the viability of bringing NET to Australia. Shayne will say that what he saw surprised him, not that the Netters were particularly talented or extraordinary young people, on the contrary they were ordinary young people who their faith and commitment as well as the grace of God were doing an extraordinary job. Hence, this Catholic peer to peer ministry of evangelisation was introduced to Australia in 1988.

In 2004, NET was introduced in Uganda Mr Fred Mawanda, from Holy Trinity Community, Masaka. It was endorsed the Bishop of Masaka , then, Bishop J.B Kaggwa the late.


Dr. Ssekyewa Denis

Executive Director

Asaba Gloria

Senior Supervisor

NET Staff

Ambrose Byamugisha

Finance Manager

NET Staff

Polly Kasingye

Team Supervisor

Josephine Nakayanja

Scheduling Coordinator

Ebwony Daniel

Team Supervisor

Regina Nuwagaba

Local Fundraiser

Namugisha Anita

Public Relations Officer

Aleesha Roessler

International Fundraiser

Co-missionaries / Ministry Partners

NET’s mission is made possible the many people who give of their time, talents, treasures and hearts. Anyone who helps out donating, volunteering or hosting our missionaries is a co-missionary.

Are you Interested in becoming a co-missionary? Here are some ways you can help!

Host Missionaries

Provide NET Missionaries with meals and a place to sleep while they are in your town or home area.


Give financially to support the work of NET Missionaries sharing the Gospel with young people across Uganda.


Lend your time and talent to fill the many support roles that make NET’s mission possible.

We raise friends to fundraise. As a ministry, we rely on support from friends to push a head this mission of evangelization.


Fred Mawanda

Chair Person

Bishop Jjumba


Micheal Forbes


Denis Ssekyewa

Executive Director

Didas Kayiranga