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We encourage young people to love Jesus and embrace the Life of the Church

Unique in youth ministry

NET is built on a unique quality of youth to youth ministry. We encourage young people to love Christ and embrace the life of the church with skills of the New Evangelization.

We do this by;

Many young people lose their faith the time they leave high school. We equip and send teams of young adults to share their faith in schools and churches so youths are transformed and re-engaged in their Catholic faith and called to a personal relation with Jesus.

We run Encounter day retreats for young people in primary and secondary schools, Parishes, universities, collages.

We address current issues of young people in a dynamic way and invite them to the person of Jesus in their day today life. These retreats can run from an hour, half day, one day to a week. it all depends on the need and the time given the school.

Before we leave any place, we ensure that a young person we encounter is encouraged to invite Jesus in everything they do and live a Christ centered life. We ensure that mass is part of every retreat we run and where possible adoration. These are some of the visible ways we encourage young people to live for Christ.

Monthly and Annual Programs.

These are dynamic and formation programs that are prepared NET ministries and then we invite people to come and attend.


This program happens every end of month. It is aimed at spiritually nourishing a person's soul especially those who do not get time to be in prayer daily because of the daily demands of work at home or at the work place. It currently runs in Masaka Diocese at Kimaanya Parish every last Friday of the month and in Soroti Diocese
This happens twice a month for corporate workers.


This is a one week program designed to help young people who have finished their S.4 & S.6 make informed decisions as they cross to another level in their education. The vision is to; “form young Christians with a greater Vision and purpose.”
It’s a 16 days dynamic training for youths in higher institutions of learning and working class filled with new adventures. Participants receive formation in areas of; Prayer & scripture, Catholic spirituality, personal discovery, interpersonal relationships and evangelization skills such as: acting, small group leading and music.
This program is organized for all leaders. It’s based on Christian Leadership principles at personal and organizational Levels. It addresses contemporary leadership issues using modern teaching and learning methods for adults based on world wide experience and research both in applied leadership, Catholic spirituality and evangelization.
This program seeks to help the individual and communities to reect upon thier values,attitude and lifestyles, so that they can make informed responsible choices that are self directed and bring about changes where necessary.
A hands on training and formation in learning musical instruments and leading contemporary Catholic worship. It provides an experience of playing in a band.

Other Ways

Let’s work together in glooming this generation. Jesus is the Answer

Investing in the youths, you strengthen the Church. Join us in the Mission.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”